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Haengbok Graphics

Asian media based graphics. (Music, Dramas, Films, TV etc)

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Asian Music Graphics Community~!

HM is a graphics community run by Kim, Ayu, and Carley. We will bring you icons, wallpapers, headers, banners, layouts, graphics,
manipulations, gifs, macros, captions, art, and contests of various areas of the asian music and entertainment arena.

All public entries will be locked after 3 days.

→ DO NOT claim as your own.
→ Credit is most certainly required and appreciated.
→ Please DO NOT hot link.
→ Upload icons, gifs, FO banners etc to your own server.
→ No redistributing without permission.
→ You may edit the icons IF STATED, but credit is still required.
→ Comments are ♥

Credits; layout css by milou_veronica | Graphics; ayukasumi, kimbeurkly | Mood Theme; crackified